Court Watch Montgomery

Please join our cause to help make Montgomery County courts safe and respectful places where domestic violence victims are entitled to receive more effective legal protections.

By volunteering with Court Watch Montgomery, you will have the opportunity to work with others who share your values and interests in social justice, human rights, criminology, law, and sociology. No prior knowledge of the legal system is required.

Volunteer Opportunities

We are always in need of our most critical volunteer positions: court monitors and data entry specialists. However, as a mostly volunteer-based organization, we seek people with varied interests and talents. Contact us today -- we would love your support.

Court Monitor


Court monitors attend and observe domestic violence protective order hearings in two Montgomery County courthouses (in Silver Spring and Rockville). Monitors complete questionnaires for each court case they attend, creating a rich source of objective data from which to analyze and report how domestic violence cases are handled in Montgomery County’s courts.

Data Entry

In-person / Remote

Data entry volunteers collect and compile the data captured by court monitors.  Court Watch then analyzes the data to identify important patterns and trends that can put survivors of domestic violence and their children at unnecessary risk.

Culture of inclusion

You are welcome here.

Court Watch Montgomery is a respectful, inclusive organization. We welcome everyone and do not discriminate based on race, sex, age, gender identity, sexual orientation, or creed.

All volunteers are expected to conform to our culture of inclusion when attending organization events and when in court.

Volunteer Interest Form

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Our Volunteers Say it best

Since retiring from a career in the criminal justice system, Court Watch has provided me the opportunity to remain involved in a meaningful way. Hearings are interesting to monitor, and based on data I provide from my observations, Court Watch advocates for changes in courtroom practices that create more safety for victims of intimate partner violence.

Shelley Caplan

Court Watch is more than just an organization. Over my time with them I have found incredibly dedicated and passionate individuals who in their own way want to make the world a kinder place and a more just one for the vulnerable among us.

Nikolay Michalowskij

Court Watch provides a unique, and socially vital, service to Montgomery County.  Our institutions are only as just as they are compelled to be, and through civic participation, volunteers can work to ensure that victims are safely and fully heard. Over the last 18 months, I have been a small cog in this critical effort. Through observation of domestic violence hearings I have learned much about the work that has been done and the work that is yet to come.

Joe Wever

I feel extremely lucky to be a part of the Volunteer corps at Court Watch Montgomery. I have a huge amount of respect and gratitude for the dedicated team that leads with integrity and compassion. Working on the data side, I feel that even in a small way, I am hopefully helping to ensure we collect and code quality data. In my experience, quality data is the most effective way to measure and improve IPV outcomes in Montgomery County. It feels impactful to know that caring and committed volunteers are improving outcomes and accountability in our court system.

Jennifer Silver