Court Watch Montgomery works towards the day when all domestic violence victims coming to court for legal protection are safe, treated with respect, and receive comprehensive legal protections that help stop their abuse. We closely monitor the court system and make public our findings. With the help of our volunteers, we have been successful in bringing about change, but there is much more to be done. Contact us to find out how you can help us with our mission. We would love your support.

MoCo residents expected to experience intimate partner violence in their lifetimes.
Final protective orders granted in Maryland so far this year
Final protective orders granted in Montgomery County so far this year

Rocio Nikaury Morcelo

domestic violence victims

Rocio Nikaury Morcelo, 43 years old, was fatally stabbed by her boyfriend 34 times in the stairwell of her Wheaton, Maryland apartment. Rocio’s three children heard the attack. Rocio filed a protective order in District Court three months before her death. Rocio stated, “He has been threatening me and my kids for days that he is going to kill us.”  She received an interim protective order, but Rocio did not show up to her next hearing, and her case was dismissed.

Help us write a different ending for all domestic violence victims who are trying to break free from an abuser. This is not how it should have ended for Rocio. There are many ways to help, including volunteering your time or donating funds to support our efforts. We would love your support!

Court Watch Montgomery reduces intimate partner violence in Maryland by ensuring domestic violence victims have access to responsive justice and vital services that can stop the abuse quickly and permanently. Our goal is to make Montgomery County courts safe and respectful places where domestic violence victims receive effective protections.