Snapshot of Domestic Violence Protective Orders in Maryland during COVID-19

This informational report provides a brief summary of the number of Protective Orders granted in 2019
and 2020, at the height of COVID-19. It demonstrates that during court closures, while their numbers
were much reduced, there were temporary, and some final protective orders granted using both
commissioners’ offices and virtual options. To their credit, when courts re-opened with limited capacity
in June of 2020, they issued a typical pre-COVID number of final orders.

Judge refuses protection to child at great risk

A District Court judge handling protective orders in November listened as a petitioner told her story. The petitioner described how her partner attacked and strangled her while she was holding their young child in her arms. He strangled her again on the bed, with the child lying right next to them. The respondent’s actions put the child in great danger and show a […]

Innovative practices at District Court improve survivor safety

A new Court Watch report released today documents innovative practices that judges, bailiffs, interpreters and clerks are using in protective order cases at District Court.  Each of the practices listed can improve survivor safety. We hope additional court personnel will consider incorporating these important approaches into their daily work. Judges help keep victims safe when they: Talk to […]

Why Are Protective Orders Granted At Different Rates Across Maryland?

Where you live can define many things about you. Can it also determine if you are granted a protective order? Court Watch Montgomery ha​s​ organized data showing significant variation across Maryland in the rates at which protective orders are granted, denied, or dismissed. To unpack this, in studio with Maryland Morning host Sheilah Kast is […]