Samantha Bee took a hard look last night at domestic violence and guns – and she used Court Watch’s data in our “Abusers with Guns” study to highlight the critical role judges play.  We’re about 3 min, 50 seconds in.

Samantha Bee used Court Watch data showing that 126 abusers convicted of assault in criminal domestic violence cases were never told by a judge that they could no longer possess or purchase a gun in Maryland.  Samantha Bee effectively makes the point that many gun laws focused on abusers are not enforced.

Our “Abusers with Guns” report created a state-wide conversation about the need to add enforcement mechanisms to the law banning abusers from having or buying guns.

[See a write-up about the new Maryland firearms transfer law taking effect October 1, 2018 aimed at getting more guns out of the hands of abusers.]