LaQuinn Phillips stands accused of attempted murder after he allegedly set his girlfriend on fire in September of 2017, leaving burns over 70% of Andrea Grinage’s body. Grinage was pregnant at the time.

Incredibly, Prince George’s Circuit Court Judge Pearson recently ordered that Mr. Phillips be released from jail to home detention due to a delay in his trial.  The news, understandably, caused panic on the part of the victim and her community and stunned prosecutors.

Andrea Grinage is the mother of two boys and was 30 years old at the time of the incident. She was over 7 months pregnant with Phillips’ child, who did not want the child.  Ms. Grinage spent two months in intensive care before she was able to speak.

Unfortunately a group promoting guns and gun rights offered to train Ms. Grinage at no expense in how to use a handgun. A victim’s wish to have a lethal weapon at the ready if another attempt is made on her life is completely understandable.  But the sad truth is that guns in the home may give an attacker just the lethal weapon he needs.  Guns in the home create high risk situations when children are in the home. The state has an obligation to keep Ms. Grinage safe without her needing to keep a deadly weapon.

“He tried to take my life,” said Andrea.

UPDATE:  Mr. Phillips’ release to home detention has been delayed because he is not a signee to his mother’s lease and thus is ineligible to live with her, as ordered.  An emergency hearing may be granted which would be another chance for prosecutors and Ms. Grinage to convince the judge that Phillips is a serious threat to the victim and the larger community.