Are County police documenting domestic violence incidents?

Are Montgomery County police documenting domestic violence incidents when they respond to a 911 call? Court Watch recently obtained alarming data on domestic violence 911 calls from the Montgomery County Police Department. We were extremely surprised by the large percentage of calls for which no report was written. In 2018, there were 2,029 emergency 911 […]

High Point model is reducing abuser recidivism

High Point model

The High Point model approach for working with domestic violence offenders and victims has significantly reduced offender recidivism. What’s their secret? Could it work in Maryland? At least one Maryland county is using portions of the model to reduce domestic violence assaults. Tired of high recidivism rates and worrying that anything they did “might make […]

New video on local domestic violence prevention

local domestic violence prevention

A new 15-minute video on domestic violence prevention has been produced by Montgomery County. Two victims  (a teenager victim of same sex abuse and a middle-aged woman) each describe their abusive relationship and how they escaped. The video also highlights work being done by the Sheriff, Family Justice Center, the Domestic Violence Coordinating Council, Court Watch […]

Maryland Circuit Court judge’s verdict not in “the best interest of the child”

Judge Joan Ryon

Circuit Court Judge Joan Ryon recently delivered a shocking decision in a Montgomery County custody case that appears to ignore credible evidence of physical and sexual child abuse and domestic violence. This case is receiving national attention due to the irregularities in the military’s handling of the original abuse case and ex parte communications between […]

Judge fails to set hearings on needed protective order extensions

protective order extensions

Are domestic violence victims in Maryland able to get protective order extensions when they can show a court that they have “good cause?”  Under Maryland law, if a petitioner has “good cause” for their request a judge can, and should, extend the order for six months to provide continued protection. Generally, Montgomery County District Court […]

Disappearing final protective orders

victim to survivor

It’s not easy to make the transition from domestic violence victim to survivor.  A disappearing final protective order doesn’t help. In fact, it can be incredibly dangerous. After a final protective order has been granted the judge describes what kinds of behaviors the order restricts and what services or remedies it requires.  Both parties receive […]

Where Marylanders file for protective orders may surprise you

file for protective orders

Where domestic violence victims in Maryland file for protective orders greatly affects their access to full justice. We have work to do! County and state policymakers have appropriately put substantial thought and funds into court-based services for domestic violence victims. Far too many victims still come to court and are forced to fill out impossible-to-understand […]

Community tour for new judges

new judges

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Partner gun assault highlights key policy problems

partner gun violence

A Queen Anne’s County man was arrested this week on charges of attempted murder following an alleged physical assault that included threats to kill the survivor with a shotgun.  The woman’s partner fired at or near her, but she was not hit by the shot. The victim suffered repeated physical assault for almost two hours […]

No immigration enforcement in courthouses!

immigration enforcement

There should be no immigration enforcement in courthouses if we expect domestic victims to come forward to get the legal protection that can stop their abuse. American Bar Association recently urged Congress to add courthouses to the “sensitive locations” list that guides immigration enforcement of undocumented workers.  This policy is critical if domestic violence survivors […]