Domestic violence and guns are a dangerous combination. Court Watch Montgomery works to reduce the number of convicted abusers or abusers with final protective orders that key their guns illegally.  We collect data on whether each judge tells the abuser to turn in their gun, and that violating their protective order can result in incarceration. We also work with politicians to pass laws to protect victims from lethal gun violence. Based on data we’ve collected over thousands of hours in local courtrooms, we write and publish reports, which we share with the courts and media to keep up the pressure for change. Visit our Reports page to read our findings on judges’ approach to guns in domestic violence cases in our”Access to Justice” and “Abusers with Guns” reports.

Please read these stories below about domestic violence and guns, and consider ways you can help Court Watch Montgomery continue our work to expand justice for domestic violence victims. Thank you for your support!

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